Tuya App Metal Access Control/Waterproof Bluetooth RFID Door Keypads Compatible With iOS and Android System



1. Touch keypad with doorbell.
2. Waterproof, conforms to IP66.
3. Metal housing, anti-vandal.
4. Card type: EM Card or Mifare Card.
5. iOS and Android available
6. Add / Delete users by APP
7. Support checking Opening Record
8. Support Gateway(optional)
9. Multiple Access Modes: Smartphone, Fingerprint, Card, PIN
10. One relay,1000 users (988 commonusers + 2 panic users +10 visitor users)

11. Convertible working modes,more possibilities.

12.Wiegand 26~44bits,56bits,58 bits input & output;

13. Can be used as Wiegand reader with LED & buzzer output

14. User data can be transferred (except fingerprint users)

15. Built-in light dependent resistor(LDR) for anti tamper

16. Backlit keypad,can set automatic OFF after 20 seconds

17. 2 devices can be interlocked for 2 doors 18. Waterproof,conforms to IP66